In addition to being a hunger relief program, Grow: Johnson County is empowering a new wave of growers. Through a variety of hands on experiences, we provide opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to enhance their gardening and farming skills.

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You don’t need to have previous gardening or farming experience to join us out at the farm. We’ll provide you with the necessary food safety and handling training. All you need to have is a good attitude and be excited to learn with us.

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Here at Grow, we do most of our teaching and learning out in the fields. By doing so, Grow provides influential and ‘organic’ opportunities for anyone looking to gain meaningful experience and skills related to managing a sustainable garden or farming operation.


Is your class, after-school program, summer program, student or community organization, or company interested in a unique interactive farm experience? We’d love to have you! Most large group activities and educational experiences are available between April and October, weather permitting. To schedule a trip contact Míchi López at michi@ivrcd.org