How can i be involved with grow?

Grow is a community organization—there is a role for everyone to play. We like to think that everyone is able to lend their time, talent, or dime.

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DONATE YOUR TIME TO GROW BY VOLUNTEERING! We have hands-on opportunities throughout the season. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more or our Calendar page for upcoming events!

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DONATE YOUR TALENT TO GROW! Whether you are a good with a wrench, a hammer, a computer, a sewing machine, or any other skill, we’d love to hear from you to see how we can work together. Get in touch today.

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DONATE TO GROW BY INVESTING! We are able to do this good work thanks to our sponsors. You can invest in Grow by making a Donation, buying our Merch, or by providing us with a vital piece of equipment from our Wishlist.