Jason Grimm, Production Manager

Jason Grimm is Deputy Director with Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development and is the owner and operator of Grimm Family Farm. After providing a wealth of knowledge to help this project get off the ground, Jason will continue to serve as our Production Manager, coordinating all food production at the farm site.

Contact info: jason@ivrcd.org


Jake Kundert, Production Manager

Jake Kundert is Food Systems Director with Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development. Jake has worked on small and medium-sized fruit, vegetable, and livestock farms and on food-related projects in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, the Gambia, and Italy, as well as various direct-to-consumer vegetable farms in Eastern Iowa. He has experience leading specialty crop research, farmers market manager training, and food entrepreneurship development.

Contact info: jake@ivrcd.org


Míchi López, Packshed and Distribution Manager

Míchi López (Míchi rhymes with "Peachy") is the Packshed and Distribution Manager with Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development. Míchi started with Iowa Valley RC&D as an apprentice for the 2018 growing season. Míchi has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and is passionate about food access, educating volunteers & community members about cultivation and harvest activities, and supporting hunger relief.

Contact info: michi@ivrcd.org