Get Your Hands Dirty

You don't have to be a master gardener or professional farmer to make a difference. Our team always welcomes helping hands to assist with various tasks around the farm site--whether planting, weeding, harvesting, washing veggies, or even assisting with an educational demonstration. 

Check out our calendar page to see find out what you can do to help out.

For additional questions or inquiries about group volunteer opportunities, please email

Getting there: We are located at 4811 Melrose Ave, Iowa City, IA 52246.

"Growing your own food is like printing your own money." Ron Finley

At Grow: Johnson County, not only is it our goal to provide nourishing food for our neighbors in need, but also to empower individuals with the knowledge and experience needed to grow their own food. 

That is why we partner with various experts from our local food system to offer hands-on educational experiences that will make anyone's thumb a shade greener. Whether you're a first time seed-planter looking to learn the ropes or an entrepreneurial farmer searching for insight from seasoned pros, our aim is to help you grow.

Potential 2017 Educational Opportunities (more details to come):
Composting 101 - Anyone
Container Gardening - Anyone
Planting Parties - Anyone
Weeding/Mulching - Anyone
Seed Saving - Anyone
Canning/Food Preservation - Anyone
Planting/Maintaining Sweet Corn - Advanced
Operating Farm Equipment - Advanced
Setting Up Irrigation Systems - Advanced

For dates and details, visit our calendar of events.